Shining Lights of Innovation - Katie Gregory of Isaac Wiles

By Ed Deaton

In 2013, Isaac Brant and Wiles Boyle merged their historied firms to form Isaac Wiles. After 160 combined years of serving the people of Columbus, the two firms embarked on an exciting journey under a new name. However, after aligning their individual financial management systems, they learned their system was to be sunsetted.

This afforded a new opportunity for the growing firm to find a practice management system that was the right fit for their future. In June of 2019, Isaac Wiles began to leverage the SurePoint Legal Management System (LMS) to manage their attorneys, finances and provide the business intelligence their leadership needs to make the decisions critical to their success.

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An Overview of “Profitability Accounting Methodology for Law Firms”

By Jay Erdman

Over the years, the term “profitability analysis” has meant different things to different people. For example, some refer to “billing realization” or “collection realization” as the metric for measuring profitability in the law firm environment.    

At SurePoint, we believe that law firms should measure profitability utilizing a different and better measurement derived from the traditional “cost accounting” methodology used by the accounting function in the manufacturing world.

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SurePoint Technologies Accelerates Remote Implementation for 15 U.S. Law Firms During Pandemic

Remote implementations enable law firms to move toward virtualization and accelerates technology adoption

SurePoint Technologies, the leading cloud provider of practice management solutions to law firms, announced today that it completed its 15th remote implementation for new clients since the pandemic began. The company also announced that it expects to double this number by the end of September.

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Best Practices and Insights on Transitioning a Law Firm to Remote Work

When Paul Walker assumed his role as controller at Snow Christensen & Martineau (SCM), he knew that his primary focus would be to lead all accounting and financial activities for the practice. Now, he finds himself serving as a driving force in the transition of his attorneys and staff working within a traditional office setting to working as a distributed team. Paul, who has been with SCM for more than 8 years, also led the discovery and implementation of the SurePoint Legal Management System (LMS) as their practice management solution in 2015. As part of the SurePoint Virtual Office Webinar Series, we asked Paul to join us and to share his insights and best practices for successfully operating as a remote law firm.

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Key takeaways from 'Best Practices in Client Relations & Communications During Uncertain Times' Webinar

Julie Savarino, MBA, JD, is no stranger to building and maintaining relationships within the legal community. A best-selling author and licensed attorney, Julie is one of the highest-rated speakers, trainers and coaches in the industry and currently serves as chief client services and development officer for Business Development Inc. SurePoint had the privilege of being accompanied by Julie as part of our Virtual Office Webinar series where she shared her expert insight on ways to best navigate in our current state, and how to strengthen and maintain client relationships during periods of uncertainty. Below are some best practices for client relations and communications during uncertain times:

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Changing Client/Matter Attorney Assignments in the SurePoint Legal Management System (LMS)

Maintaining client/matter attorney assignments in your ERP is vital to supporting proper billing practices. Jennifer Webster, Client Advocate, recently presented the Practice Pointers webinar "Changing Client/Matter Attorney Assignments" where she shared best practices on updating regular and split attorney assignment designations to current and historical data in LMS.

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SurePoint Technologies Unveils SurePoint View, Powerful Business Analytics for Law Firms

First-of-Its-Kind Cloud-Based Data Analytics Platform Offers Law Firm Executives and Attorneys Critical Insight into Performance

CINCINNATI, OH (June 4, 2020) – SurePoint Technologies, a leading provider of software solutions to law firms, announced today the launch of SurePoint View , an easy-to-use data analytics dashboard enabling attorneys and law firm management to gain essential insight at a glance into the metrics that drive business success. SurePoint View’s seven dashboards – each extensively tailored to a specific user category – feature clear, intuitive and interactive visualizations for tracking current activity against financial and other targets, making historical comparisons and future projections, identifying top clients, gauging attorney productivity, and more – all with a single click or two.

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Community First - SurePoint team donates $21,000 to Freestore Foodbank

If you were to sit in on any of the daily virtual town halls at SurePoint Technologies you would be familiar with the phrase, “Our community is everything”.  For each of us at SurePoint, this core principle guides everything we do. Trusted by more than 300 law firms and 50,000+ legal professionals, law firms rely on the SurePoint Legal Management System (LMS) to drastically improve workflow and maximize financial performance. We work to make each client's life easier and thereby empower them to transform the industry.

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Three Key Takeaways from “Profitability: The Science Behind the Numbers” Webinar

Understanding the profitability of your firm is essential to the stability and growth of the practice. Every firm needs to have a solid understanding of its profitability components – the products (areas of law), the clients (those who buy the products), and the attorneys (those who sell, manage, and create the products). Unfortunately, many firms still rely on antiquated systems and manual data entry to collect this data, do not have processes for gathering it, or in some cases, do not collect this information at all.

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What’s Working for You: Desk Spaces That Stimulate and Motivate

Happy Friday from our home office to yours. We’ve asked a few of our very own SurePoint employees to share pictures of their home offices to spark some creativity in your own workspacesHow have you set up your home office? What ignites motivation and inspiration throughout your day?

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Best practices for protecting firm and client data as a distributed team

The transition from working in a traditional office setting to that of a distributed team has presented a series of unprecedented challenges for law firms, especially as it relates to technology. Most professionals working in the legal industry did not specialize in Computer Science or Information Technology which may raise concern regarding the management and security of firm and client data.

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Leverage cloud technology for advanced business continuity

Now, more than ever, businesses are relying on strong continuity plans to keep their organization operational. The legal market is no exception. Hundreds of law firms across the country have transitioned to working remotely which has presented a series of unprecedented challenges. Law firm leaders and management have been propelled into re-evaluating their existing practice operations, business continuity and technology investments, all while still serving their clients and running their firms.

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The Virtual Watercooler: How to Nurture Culture & Connectivity Remotely

Whether you’re a seasoned remote worker or you’re adapting to working from home for the first time, you’ve probably noticed one thing missing in your daily work routine – human connectivity. Remote work can be isolating and demands creative ways to engage with your colleagues. There’s no crossing of paths in the hallway and no physical “water cooler” where you can ask your colleague how their weekend or meeting went. It’s these physical spaces that organically allow conversations that lead to collaboration, client success stories and employee engagement. 

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Work Remotely with Ease using SurePoint

SurePoint’s customers know its Legal Management System (LMS) cloud solution was purpose-built for remote working: 

  • Enter your time remotely: Online or on your phone. Entering time, looking up client information and approving your time is just a few taps (or voice prompts) away with SurePoint’s mobile app. On your tablet or laptop, you can do all of that and more, including seeing how close you are tracking to your goals by viewing the Actual Calendar/Hours Trend.
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Business Continuity provides 24/7 access when your office is shuttered

Until recently, perhaps the most understated benefit of moving to the cloud was built-in business continuity. Aside from significant cost savings, elimination of firm-specific maintenance, seamless updating and uniform training, SurePoint’s Legal Management System (LMS) cloud offering provided the industry’s only built-in continuity risk management: it can be accessed anytime from anywhere. 

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