How prepared is your law firm for 2020?

Here’s food for thought: the end of 2019 – and this decade – is right around the corner. How prepared is your law firm to take on the new year?

For example:

  • Do you know how your firm’s realization rates compare to those of last year?
  • Do any of your standard journal entries need to be changed?
  • What’s the status of your current vendor contracts?
  • Have you reviewed and adjusted Business Continuance and Disaster Recovery plans?

At Rippe & Kingston, our goal is to simplify the practice management process and to enable attorneys and legal staff more time to focus on the needs of their clients. Our team of experts have put together a step-by-step checklist to help you identify any potential year-end risks while ensuring the establishment and update of protocols and procedures that will maximize your law firm’s performance in 2020.

Don’t get caught scrambling at the final hour to find out. Download the Rippe & Kingston Year-End Checklist and start crossing projects off your list today.