Rippe & Kingston Appoints Donald Schule as Its Chief Operating Officer

CINCINNATI, OH (June 19, 2019) – Rippe & Kingston, the fastest-growing legal tech community in the U.S., recently welcomed Donald Schule to its leadership team as its new chief operating officer (COO).

As COO, Schule will lead the firm’s transformation to a SaaS operating model, significantly improving the client experience spectrum from onboarding to long-term customer care. He will be responsible for empowering a 40,000+ user community to promote customer success and assist in innovating for the future. He will also oversee all customer experience, customer success, fulfillment, account management, conversions, installations and help desk personnel.

“For the first time, the legal tech industry will have a SaaS operating executive transforming it,” said Tom Obermaier, chief executive officer of Rippe & Kingston. “Don’s vision, passion, knowledge and unmatched execution capability will move the Rippe community to the forefront. We all look forward to the transformation of our operating environment and our vast community can’t wait to have a real meaningful say in how this industry moves into the future.”

As a global operating executive in financial services, Schule has more than 35 years of experience building industry-leading, tech-enabled communities. Prior to joining Rippe & Kingston, he was the former chief executive officer of Global Processing Services at BTCo/Deutsche Bank and the executive head of Global Client Access at JPMorgan & Chase Co., where he led the development and deployment of technology solutions for the world’s largest corporate and public sector banking business. He also managed multi-site and multi-product operations for other large global banks, including Citi.

Schule brings great depth in building teams that bring cutting edge solutions to the market that challenge and advance the industry. He is particularly known for building subscription-based models that drive annuity streams.

About Rippe & Kingston

Rippe & Kingston is the fastest growing legal tech community in the U.S. With over 30 years of delivering critical firsts, Rippe is a recognized Tier 1 provider of financial and practice management software to law firms nationwide. Its community is now 40,000+ members, as it continues on its vital mission to ease lawyers’ management burdens and maximize their firms' performance.