Shining Lights of Innovation - Katie Gregory of Isaac Wiles

By Ed Deaton

In 2013, Isaac Brant and Wiles Boyle merged their historied firms to form Isaac Wiles. After 160 combined years of serving the people of Columbus, the two firms embarked on an exciting journey under a new name. However, after aligning their individual financial management systems, they learned their system was to be sunsetted.

This afforded a new opportunity for the growing firm to find a practice management system that was the right fit for their future. In June of 2019, Isaac Wiles began to leverage the SurePoint Legal Management System (LMS) to manage their attorneys, finances and provide the business intelligence their leadership needs to make the decisions critical to their success.

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SurePoint Technologies Accelerates Remote Implementation for 15 U.S. Law Firms During Pandemic

Remote implementations enable law firms to move toward virtualization and accelerates technology adoption

SurePoint Technologies, the leading cloud provider of practice management solutions to law firms, announced today that it completed its 15th remote implementation for new clients since the pandemic began. The company also announced that it expects to double this number by the end of September.

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Changing Client/Matter Attorney Assignments in the SurePoint Legal Management System (LMS)

Maintaining client/matter attorney assignments in your ERP is vital to supporting proper billing practices. Jennifer Webster, Client Advocate, recently presented the Practice Pointers webinar "Changing Client/Matter Attorney Assignments" where she shared best practices on updating regular and split attorney assignment designations to current and historical data in LMS.

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Rippe & Kingston Appoints Donald Schule as Its Chief Operating Officer

CINCINNATI, OH (June 19, 2019) – Rippe & Kingston, the fastest-growing legal tech community in the U.S., recently welcomed Donald Schule to its leadership team as its new chief operating officer (COO).

As COO, Schule will lead the firm’s transformation to a SaaS operating model, significantly improving the client experience spectrum from onboarding to long-term customer care. He will be responsible for empowering a 40,000+ user community to promote customer success and assist in innovating for the future. He will also oversee all customer experience, customer success, fulfillment, account management, conversions, installations and help desk personnel.

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What Tools Should Your New Financial Management System Come With?

When you are looking for a new legal and financial management system for your law firm, it’s important to be deliberate and thoughtful about what that system can actually do for you, the firm’s partners, associates, and staff. Choosing a system because it has one exciting feature may leave you with buyer’s remorse if you find out later the system doesn’t meet your needs.

Start the process by creating a list of “must-have” features to help improve your firm’s efficiency and cut down on time-consuming tasks. Here are six features our clients tell us are tools they don’t want to live without:

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Streamlining Your Law Firm's Project Management Systems

Using a manual approach to managing legal projects is fraught with potential issues, as stated in a 2014 ABA article: “… such a seat-of-the-pants approach can place a lawyer at a significant disadvantage, make the work unprofitable and even risk the loss of the client relationship.”

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5 Ways Legal Admins Can Support Firm Growth in 2017

With some analysts’ reports predicting sluggish demand for legal services in 2017, helping your firm grow is going to take more than raising the hourly fee. As a law firm administrator, you have an opportunity to improve and refine your firm’s processes and efficiencies to build a solid, and profitable, operational infrastructure that adds to the overall firm growth goals you set at the beginning of the year.

Here are 5 ways you can support firm growth in 2017:

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